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The reorganization. Guidelines and instruments of the crisis solution of the company

by Michele Paolo Pastore, Luca Jeantet, Luca Basso, Andrea Varoli

The handbook wants to explain what a reorganization is, how it can be improved and which kind of instruments to be used so to avoid the possible problems. It is a guide for law instruments and a negotiation counseling, with a description of all the main actors of the reorganization.

The book analyses the changes of the bankruptcy law and represents all the technical, legal and tax instruments to solve the company crisis.
All the authors have a wide direct experience and are able to describe the world of the reorganization of the company, of the control means and the involved professionals.
The book has a simple and clear exposition which is useful for the consulting and didactics, for the University students, the bank professionals, and even for the specialist because of the explanation of the extraordinary operations. It even has a series of schemes and instruments which can be easily consulted.
The second edition was updated to the Leg. Decrees 83/15 and 132/15.

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