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The services in the financial area concern several aspects of the company life covering a wide range of competences, among them:

  • support in the management of the credit system linked to bank operations, leasing and factoring, even in pool team;
  • consulting and assistance during the analysis of the financial statement, expert valuations of the company, economical and financial estimate of the company, strategic planning, reorganization and development of the management control systems even in the company financial subject;
  • support in the economical, financial procedures in the planning and in the preparation of the budget and the business plan;
  • expert valuation of the company groups and of participation shares;
  • expert valuations of balanced legislation tools, in the structure and in the business area of the company;
  • preparation of investment projects and business plans and more precisely consulting and support to the companies to achieve financial facilities;
  • consulting and assistance for the managing of the accounting systems and for the management control in the companies, for the drawing-up of ordinary and consolidated financial statements.

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