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Expanding business abroad

The start of industrial investments, the research for commercial opportunities abroad, particularly in the emerging countries, need a qualified assistance so to avoid the self-made negative consequences. Italy should aim at the traditional ‘Made in Italy’, the technological know-how and the mechanics.
7BS has a great experience to offer to all those who want to know the opportunities of internationalization to have the analysis , the planning, the financial brockerage and the support for all those society and private contests which want to invest abroad even through a network made of sure relations. More specifically:

  • Informative report about the opportunities and the markets of the target countries;
  • Financial opportunities;
  • Investment opportunities and facilities;
  • Legislation of the country according to the activities;
  • Study for the tax system of the country.

The internationalization recovers the preparation of the strategic plan of the investment and even the incorporation of the company and the making of the start-up by several operations..

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