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Il network 7BS

7BS is an organization which was born from a team of experts of Turin who have different technical competences and common ideals and the ambition to give the companies of the clients their experience in every specific competence field, so to cover the different needs linked to the various aspects and moments in a company life in a structured and synergistic way.

Experience and competence

The experts team has a 15 year experience due to its partnership with professional law and tax consulting firms, holding leading roles in the finance area of important company groups , working into the M&A boutique or as Manager of consulting companies and primary audit companies.

The 7BS philosophy is founded on the assumption of "client first", proposing the primary aim of obtaining the full satisfaction of the client needs, in the perspective of sharing its growth strategies and development, and of a medium term support, involving directly and in a continuative way the professionals into the professional activities.

7BS assists, with its partners, important clients, at a national and international level, in the different competence areas working in heterogeneous fields such as the financial sector, automotive, production of machine tools, motorway concessions, ICT, food and beverage, renewable and traditional energy sources, promotion/advertising, building trade and real estate and so on.

Just near your activity

The 7BS network operates in the bases in Turin and Milan managing national and international clients which work in different business fields.
Since the beginning of the activity it dedicated its efforts , following important national clients, to develop a clientele made of companies with a strong international connotation. 7BS especially proposes being a support structure for foreigner subjects who want to realize investments or more in general to make business in the Italian market through a controlled company, a stable organization or simply through representations offices.

Corporate finance advisory for foreign
companies entering Italy

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